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"From Everything There's A Song", the book that dissects the "Clube da Esquina"

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

WePlay is an initiative supporter that brings details about the historical album

"Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives." The phrase, by master Milton Nascimento, is one of the many moments in the book "From Everything There's A Song", which shows in detail the cultural richness and simplicity among friends that permeate the greatest Brazilian record of all time, the "Clube da Esquina".

Written and organized by Chris Fuscaldo in conjunction with none other than Márcio Borges, the book is a record of the historical cultural production of some boys who gathered on a corner in the neighborhood of Santa Tereza, in Belo Horizonte, to play the guitar dawn in. What was simple became great.

In 1972, Milton Nascimento was already a singer on the rise. With four studio albums and featured performances at music festivals, he joined the young Lô Borges, who at the time was only 18 years old. Between connections, comings and goings and many influences, the project also had, of course, with Márcio Borges himself, Ronaldo Bastos, Fernando Brant, Beto Guedes, Tavito, Alaíde Costa, Gonzaguinha and many others who made this record so unique.

Released in 1972 by Odeon, "Clube da Esquina" turned 50 in 2022. One of the gifts for this historical landmark is the book "From Everything There’s A Song", edited by Garota FM Books and launched through crowdfunding, directly supported by WePlay Music TV, in addition to other companies and cultural actions, such as UBC, Agência Fato Relevante, FG Cidadania Italiana, Coletivo Magenta, Cerveja Artesanal Visconde de Mauá, Casa Beatles, Centro Cultural Visconde de Mauá and Sol Maior.

For WePlay, supporting the initiative meets the pillars of the company, which is the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows. "It is very important to value the history of our music. Let this memory live, so that other generations come and have contact with this beautiful moment of Brazilian music. This of course connects very well with what we preached here at WePlay", says CEO Maria Rita Lunardelli.

At the moment, the stock for the book is exhausted. For more information, visit the Garota FM Books.



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