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Gal Costa and the connection with great Brazilian composers

From renowned authors to new exponents of Brazilian music; check list

Gal Costa Ao Vivo| A Pele do Futuro Ao Vivo| WePlay
Gal Costa| Photo: Marcos Hermes

Gal Costa has always been known for the beauty and power of her voice and, of course, the combination with the beautiful songs, many composed especially for her, made everything go along. During her career, Gal connected with both renowned Brazilian music authors and new exponents. Check out some of these names below:

Erasmo Carlos

Erasmo wrote, together with Roberto Carlos, the classic "Meu Nome É Gal", a track that symbolizes the power of the singer, with a title that became one of the slogans that synthesize the life and work of the artist, as well as so many others, as "Fatal" and "Estratosférica". Music also has a social meaning, given what Erasmo wrote after suffering prejudice in the home of wealthy families (learn more about this story here).

Marília Mendonça

"Cuidando de Longe" is a passionate song, along the lines of characteristic suffering of Marília Mendonça. And, yes, the composition is hers even though she also shares the vocals with Gal herself in the song. An amazing performance for the song is present at the show "A Pele do Futuro Ao Vivo", available on WePlay!

Teago Oliveira (Maglore)

Teago Oliveira is the lead singer of the Bahian band Maglore and is often also in charge of writing major compositions. Lyrics of the musician have already been recorded by Erasmo Carlos, Pitty and... Gal Costa, of course! "Motor" is the name of the track written by Teago and recorded by Gal. Of melancholy tone, the song also deals with love and is also on the show "A Pele do Futuro". Watch it now!

Dani Black

Singer Dani Black, in addition to having hit songs in his own voice, also had a track recorded by Gal Costa. He, who has lived the music since he was born, in view of being the son of singer Tetê Espíndola, was handpicked by Gal with the song "Sublime". The lyric of the track brings the delights and obstacles of a passion.


Céu is one of the best-worshiped singers in recent times and, being recorded by Gal Costa, is not a big surprise. The artist is the author, together with Pupillo and Junio Barreto, of "Estratosférica", title track of the album released in 2015. You can watch an amazing performance from Gal for the track on the show "Estratosférica Ao Vivo", also available on WePlay!



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