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Opinion: What 2022 took and taught to lovers of Brazilian music

In 2022 we lost great artists such as Elza Soares, Gal Costa and Erasmo Carlos

2022 may have been a tragic year in a number of circumstances. What we can say is that this period that ends takes with it great pillars of our Brazilian popular music. Between so many comings and goings, we lost Elza Soares, Gal Costa and Erasmo Carlos. A deep stake in the hearts of MPB lovers.

It's hard to say. It's still strange to think we don't have Gal anymore, the tremendão or our woman from the end of the world. Not only has the music world stopped, after all, music is an important element to what we call life. Yours, mine or our soundtrack has not only emptied because our music brings new and more talent every day, as in the case of Almério e Martins, who presented us with a beautiful record, the show "Ao Vivo No Parque".

Nor are the soundtracks of our lives gone because the music is alive. And if the work is alive, deep down, Gal, Erasmo and Elza are also. It is true that we will no longer see face-to-face the incredible performances of these artists. But we can remember, with a smile on our faces, historical moments, relaxed or exciting, whether they are recent or not. The music has no validity and does not die if we do not let it die.

What 2022 has taught us, very clearly, is that every detail matters. Music is not just music. The show is not just the show. There are feelings, life stories and, of course, what else is inside the music and the exceptional performances of Brazilian music, it's humanity. Every musician who performs a song is actually a well of human history. Every person who sings a chorus is, too.

Not by chance that we like to live and relive such unique moments. No, they're not going to happen again.. But they are inspirations for new things to happen. So it is in music and so it is in life. That in 2023, we will continue to keep alive the extensive, beautiful and rich Brazilian music, and that we embrace what is new.

Evoé, young people in sight. Happy 2023!



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