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Six immortalized encounters on stage

From Silvia Machete and Eduardo Dussek to Maria Bethânia and Zeca Pagodinho; When great artists meet, magic happens

Silvia Machete e Eduardo Dussek
Silvia Machete and Eduardo Dussek/Photo: Renato Mangolin

The stage itself is already a magical place. And it gets even more special when two great artists come together and raise (even more) the level of the show. In modern times, we have all these immortalized records and, at WePlay, the first streaming platform of Brazilian shows, with all credits for musicians and authors.

We have set up 6 meetings of Brazilian music that are in history! Check it out:

Dhu Moraes and Sandra Pêra - Duas Feras Perigosas

Music is capable of many things and, one of them, is to unlock memories. This is the feeling that As Frenéticas take us. And if you want to relive the group's golden times, the show "Duas Feras Perigosas" is the right request. The presentation brings together the frantic Dhu Moraes and Sandra Pêra in a breathtaking presentation. Watch now on WePlay without ads and without interruptions.

Eduardo Dussek and Silvia Machete - Dussek Veste Machete

Two above average musicians meet for a very unique show: Silvia Machete plays great songs by rio composer and pianist Eduardo Dussek. Recorded on the Espaço Tom Jobim, the show is a synthesis of the deep musical connection between Machete and Dussek, who dress in talent, charisma, humor and sensuality.

Duo Gisbranco and Jacques Morelenbaum - Egberto Encontra Villa

If you're looking for dates, this is the perfect presentation. From the very beginning, we have the exquisite connection between Bianca Gismonti and Cláudia Castelo Branco , which together successfully form the Duo Gisbranco. To add even more to the beautiful show of the duo, we have the inclusion of cellist Jacques Morelenbaum.

You think that's over there? The central point of the show is the celebration of the works of Egberto Gismonti and Heitor Villa-Lobos (another meeting for the account). Watch this must-see show on WePlay!

Almério and Martins - Ao Vivo No Parque

Power and subtlety are found in this show starring the Pernambucans Almério and Martins. Recorded at Teatro do Parque, in Recife, the presentation is a full plate for those who love to sing along. This is because, in this case, the audience is a fundamental element in creating the atmosphere of the show.

Pitty and Martin Mendonça - Agridoce

This meeting is classic! Pitty and Martin, who have been playing together for a long time (given that Martin is a guitarist in Pitty's band) embarked on a new outfit, out of the heaviest elements of Brazilian rock.

The two delved into the folk and released hits that pack crowds to this day. Part of Agridoce's successful trajectory is present in the documentary "20 Passos", now available on WePlay.

Maria Bethânia and Zeca Pagodinho - De Santo Amaro A Xerém

Xerém and Santo Amaro saw a single place in this delicious show of Maria Bethânia and Zeca Pagodinho. Classics of the Brazilian songbook in stripped-down interpretations: Bethânia and Zeca make a great show, but the affection and affection between the two is so much that the presentation has gained intimate character. Watch now on WePlay!



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