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Six Songs Featured in Hit Soap Operas

Updated: Apr 11

Great Brazilian songs contributed to immortalizing TV productions

Adriana Calcanhotto em foto de Murilo Alvesso
Adriana Calcanhotto in photo of Murilo Alvesso

Brazilian music is the soundtrack to our lives, and, of course, it's also been important in marking our emotional memory with hit soap operas. Remember songs that became timeless alongside your favorite characters (or maybe not so much):

Ângela RoRo - Amor Meu Grande Amor (Barão Vermelho version)

"Amor Meu Grande Amor" iis a great classic of Brazilian music, and besides the original version released in Ângela RoRo's voice in 1979, the track also got a version by Barão Vermelho in 1996.

The Rio band brought the song back to hit status, and it ended up in the soap opera "Love Is in the Air," from 1997.

Pitty - Memórias

"India – A Love Story" brought another culture to Brazilian nights, and not only that, but it also brought the visceral rock from Bahia's Pitty to the small screens. "Memórias," a song echoed by the artist's fans to this day, was part of the soundtrack of one of the soap operas considered one of the biggest hits of Brazilian television.

Gal Costa - Chuva de Prata

The soap opera "One More Dream" was a true audience hit in 1985, and the soundtrack featured "Chuva de Prata," immortalized in the voice of the late Gal Costa and released a year earlier on the album "Profana."

Adriana Calcanhotto - Mentiras

When talking about "Mentiras," a classic track by Adriana Calcanhotto, memories of the soap opera "Rebirth," from 1993, are immediately unlocked. The song was the theme of the character Mariana, played by Adriana Esteves.

Ira! - Flores Em Você

The opening of the soap opera "The Other" with "Flores Em Você," by Ira!, was a surprise even for the band. The song, which marked an era and was immortalized as one of the great hits of the São Paulo band, was released in 1986 on the album "Vivendo e Não Aprendendo."

Sandra de Sá - Retratos e Canções

A song that is one of the hallmarks of Sandra de Sá's career, "Retratos e Canções" had a great impact when included in the soap opera "The Other," from 1987. More recently, the duo Ivis & Carraro paid homage to the artist with a version of the song in the good old country "modão" style.

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