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The day Bob Marley played soccer with Chico Buarque, Toquinho, and Brazilian music stars

Updated: Apr 3

Musician came to Brazil for a record label launch event

Chico Buarque e Bob Marley
Chico Buarque and Bob Marley| Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

In January 1980, Jamaican musician Bob Marley arrived in Brazil to promote the German record label Ariola, which had just arrived in the country. When Marley arrived in Brazilian lands, Marco Mazzola, founder of the major record label in Brazil, expected the musician to give a musical performance. However, both his work visa and those of the accompanying musicians were denied.

Bob Marley was passionate about Brazilian music and also about soccer. He was an avowed Santos fan. He dreamed of meeting Gilberto Gil and Pelé. And he met both. He also met Chico Buarque, who was known for organizing soccer matches during the breaks of his tours.

Sure enough, a match was arranged for the Vinícius de Moraes Recreational Center and great musicians were present: Toquinho, Alceu Valença, Moraes Moreira, and Evandro Mesquita, who arrived late because he was at the beach with Regina Casé and Patricya Travassos.

According to O Globo newspaper, in the March 20, 1980 edition, the match lasted about 20 minutes. According to Toquinho, the best player on the field was himself. About Bob Marley? "Very bad," said the Brazilian musician. Evandro Mesquita corroborated the version. "He was enthusiastic, but the Jamaicans were a bit stiff."

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