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What is WePlay Music TV?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The first streaming platform for Brazilian shows

WePlay Music TV is the first streaming platform for Brazilian shows

Remember when we collected music DVDs and had access to all the credits of authors and musicians in the inserts? Well, WePlay was born so you can rescue that experience. WePlay is the first national concert streaming platform. If you were looking for a show-only streaming service, it exists!!

Maria Rita Lunardelli, CEO and founder of WePlay/ Photo: Paulo Rapoport

How was it born?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Maria Rita Lunardelli, who is a member of Voice Contemporary Music Space, realized that the music chain was paraded by the lack of shows, and that musicians were not fairly remunerated for the audiovisual works made available, both in lives and in records on the Internet.

The music-loving audience also did not have a way to watch their favorite shows with credits for musicians and authors, in view of the drop in DVD sales. Thus was born the idea of creating the first streaming platform of Brazilian shows.

"There is a large collection of shows to be explored and an audience eager for this offer on digital streaming platforms. The pandemic also drove the change of habits and the option to attend the full shows, in the comfort of the living room, has gained a new dimension. In this sense, we work strongly with specialized curatorship to present in our catalog the best of Brazilian music. Our intention is to give visibility to the entire music chain so that the public knows the record labels, independent artists and accompanying musicians who will also be paid. And at the same time, we want to rescue affective memories, providing new experiences and sensations with each show", emphasizes Maria Rita

Try it now!

WePlay is available for both access via computer browsers and other connected devices, as well as with iOS and Android application sand also for LG and Samsung Smart TVs. You can also access WePlay from devices such as Roku or Fire TV.



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