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Where Zeca Baleiro's Stage Name Comes From

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

One of the most talented singers and songwriters in Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) has a very interesting nickname

Zeca Baleiro em foto de Diego Ruahn
Photo: Diego Ruahn

Zeca Baleiro is a well-known name in MPB. With many hits, original songs, and celebrated versions of renowned tunes, the musician has a curious stage name.

Why Zeca Baleiro? Zeca Baleiro's real name is José Ribamar Coelho Santos. The artist was born on April 11, 1966, in São Luís do Maranhão, and started to stand out in the music world in the 90s. The nickname "baleiro" (candy man) dates back to his college days: the Agronomy student always carried many candies in his backpack and distributed them to fellow students and professors

Did Zeca Baleiro sell candy?

You might have heard the story that Zeca Baleiro got his nickname because he used to be a candy seller. The story does have some truth to it. Zeca Baleiro did have a shop where he sold candies and homemade sweets, but the store was opened after the musician gained the nickname, still during his college days.

Shows That Have Made History

In addition to collecting hits, Zeca Baleiro is a road warrior and also has many historic show recordings. Many of them, such as "Calma Aí, Coração" and "Petshop Mundo Cão," you can watch on WePlay, a Brazilian show streaming platform that provides digital booklets for all performances.



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