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Who is the author of the opening song of "Amor Perfeito"

" O Amor É Um Ato Revolucionário" gained fame as the opening of the soap opera "Amor Perfeito"

Chico César com a mão no peito e flores no cabelo
Chico César em foto de Ana Lefaux

The voice that brings to life the opening of the soap opera "Amor Perfeito" is unmistakable. Sandy's interpretation of "O Amor É Um Ato Revolucionário" was positively noted by viewers, leading to a growing number of searches about the song. The music was written by Chico César and was released in 2019, on an album of the same name, featuring Brazilian guitar hero Luís Carlini.

Singing, revolutionizing, and achieving success are things that are already common for the singer and songwriter. The musician from Paraíba is known for his big hits, making his songs spaces for romantic narratives and also social outcries.

Not only by name, the song brings the connectivity between the two sides of Chico by treating love not only as a feeling but as an increasingly precise element for humanity. In times of hate, it's good that love is once again put in its rightful place of exaltation.

Other romantic hits by Chico César

À Primeira Vista

Released on a self-titled album in 1995, "À Primeira Vista" is the kind of song that is recognized by the first chords. A song with almost 30 years of existence is synonymous with timelessness, as it sounds as beautiful as it did in its year of release.

Pensar Em Você

"Pensar Em Você," released in 1999 on "Mama Mundi," is a true declaration of love. If you want to declare your love to your loved one, don't miss the opportunity, this song by Chico is the perfect choice.

Onde Estará O Meu Amor

From 1997, "Onde Estará O Meu Amor" is one of the highlights of the album "Beleza Mano." The song narrates an uncertainty, or a series of them. Does the loved one feel the same as the lyrical I? Surely a feeling that is identified by many people.

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