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Women in Music: Aline Oliveira, the Producer at Showlivre

Interview series sheds light on inspiring women in the music industry

Photo: Caru Leão

Music is made by many women, and this statement goes beyond just singers, songwriters, or inspirational muses. Behind the glamour of the stages, recording studios, and grand productions, there are women who work in every corner, and the new series "Women in Music" seeks to shine a spotlight on them.

And today, we're going to learn about the story of Aline Oliveira, a producer at one of Brazil's largest audiovisual projects, Showlivre. It was there that Aline grew within the music industry. "My professional life began with TV production, starting with TV Globo and TV Cultura, until in 2015, I began working directly with music when I joined Showlivre to produce artists' performances in the studio," says the producer.

Read the full interview below:

WP: How did you start working with music, and why did you become interested in the field?

Aline: Music has always been one of my main personal interests, largely influenced by my older brother, Paulo, who is a musician, and other family members who also play. In my teenage years, I learned to play the guitar and had my first band. My professional life began with TV production, starting with TV Globo and TV Cultura, until in 2015, I began working directly with music when I joined Showlivre to produce artists' performances in the studio.

WP: What roles have you held within the music industry, and what do you do today?

Aline: My roles began with artistic and technical production, bridging the gap between the artist and the audiovisual team, at a time when Showlivre's content was only shown on YouTube. Since then, the business has grown, with digital distribution of recordings on digital platforms and the consolidation of Showlivre as a record label and publisher. Today, I coordinate Showlivre's production, overseeing all stages, from agenda setting by the curators, through pre-production, recording, and release, with a primary focus on the latter phase of album and video release strategy. Additionally, I serve as the executive producer for Castello Branco's shows, a very talented MPB artist, and coordinate the digital distribution of Josildo Sá's discography, an important artist for the regional music of Pernambuco.

The musician Castello Branco and Aline Oliveira. Photo: Mayara Giacomini

WP: What brings you the greatest joy in working with music?

Aline: I find fulfillment and happiness working in this area by supporting artists in materializing their creations and delivering them to the audience with quality.

WP: And what is your biggest challenge?

Aline: A significant challenge, as well as an objective, is to seek business models that are fair to all involved in the production chain. For those who create, produce, record, interpret, mix, register, distribute, and everyone else who makes music happen.

WP: Is there any special project or moment that has marked your career?

Aline Oliveira e o cantor Lenine | Foto: Caru Leão

Aline: A very special project was the Estúdio Nova. We did the audiovisual production for this program, from Rádio Nova Brasil FM. During one season, we hosted artists of the magnitude of Djavan, Alceu Valença, Zélia Duncan, Nando Reis, Titãs, and especially Lenine, whom I have a special memory of, playing the guitar that had just returned from the luthier and had belonged to Dorival Caymmi. The affection and passion with which he played the instrument and told stories are still very vivid in my memory.

WP: Today, you hold the position of production coordinator at Showlivre. It is an important position in a large company. Today, how do you see the presence of women in the music market?

Aline: We know that the space occupied by women in the music market is still much smaller than that occupied by men today. Women feel the need to prove daily that they know what they are doing in their professions to stay active in them. But I see the presence of women increasing in the world of shows, especially in technical teams. I have met excellent professionals who have a full schedule of shows and are making room for others who are coming.

Aline Oliveira.Photo: Caru Leão

WP: What advice would you give to those who want to start a career in the music market, especially in the production area?

Aline: Be close to what you want to do, attend events, consume and interact with content that you would like to produce. Additionally, have a mentor, someone who inspires you and helps you build a path to where you want to go.

WP: Finally, what do you think is most important to consider when talking about the music market in Brazil?

Aline: Music has an inexplicable power to bring out feelings, memories, and emotions capable of affecting and transforming people. This is a value that must always be remembered and converted into investment to nourish the entire productive ecosystem. This value must be recognized and invested by consumers and by the State, which constitutionally must support and value the dissemination of cultural expressions.

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